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Sleep Apnoea


Sleep Apnoea, often characterised by loud snoring and drowsiness during the day, affects the snorer’s health by preventing them from having deep REM sleep. If you’ve been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnoea, a night guard can help reposition your jaw while sleeping so that your airways remain open.


If you have obstructive sleep apnea, do not let it go untreated. High blood pressure is linked to sleep apnea as your body reacts to low oxygen levels in your blood. Having high blood pressure increases your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

What Should I Do if I Have Sleep Apnea?

If you have a diagnosis of sleep apnoea, we can help you with an oral appliance. The oral appliance prevents the muscles in your throat and around your tongue from collapsing and obstructing your airway. This reduces the snoring and increases the air flow and supply of oxygen.

Do People Always Have Sleep Apnoea Symptoms?

You may have none or some of the following symptoms:

  • Loud snoring

  • Being irritable

  • Being overweight or obese

  • An inability to pay attention

  • Feeling fatigued every day

Are There Sleep Apnoea Causes?

Men over age 40 are more likely to develop sleep apnoea. The majority of men and women with it are overweight and they may have family members with the sleep disorder. It is important to remember that anyone can develop it at any age.

How Do I Know Which Sleep Apnoea Treatment is Right for Me?

You should discuss this with your sleep doctor. You have only two choices, aside from lifestyle changes; a CPAP machine and an oral appliance for sleep apnoea. You may be offered a CPAP machine with a mask that you have to wear all night. About 50 percent of the CPAP machines end up gathering dust somewhere because they are noisy or the person did not like wearing the mask.

If you would prefer an oral appliance, call our practice at Roseville Fine Dentistry. We would be happy to show you how the lightweight devices that are no more difficult to use than a sports mouth guard. If neither option works for you, your sleep doctor may suggest surgery.


How Do I Get a Sleep Apnoea Mouth Guard?

A custom sleep apnea mouthpiece from our dentist will improve the quality of your sleep. You will wake up refreshed when you use the device. If you are interested in an alternative to a CPAP machine, contact our office for more information.

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