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Make Your Smile Straight Discreetly With Invisible Braces in NSW

Everyone desires to have perfectly aligned teeth matching facial symmetry. Unfortunately, there are very few who could claim to have perfectly aligned teeth. If you are one among millions aiming to bring your misaligned, crooked, or gapped teeth in alignment but postponing treatment all because of horrible-looking metallic wires and brackets, then invisible braces are for you to make your smile better. The teeth straightening treatment is all about improving facial aesthetics, so why compromise with the look when you have several alternatives of invisible braces-- made of high-grade plastic to help you move teeth in the desired direction.

Besides aesthetics and appeal, invisible braces are custom designed to make the treatment comfortable. It offers you the freedom to remove as your desire, so you could maintain better oral hygiene and have the freedom to eat foods of your choice. Depending on your dental complexity and expectation, your orthodontist will recommend suitable clear aligners to shift teeth in the desired direction to achieve alignment, fill gaps, or fix bite and speech issues. Your aligners will be doing teeth movement in the background without affecting your confidence to smile freely. In just a few months, you will see the transformation happening, but it all depends on the experience and expertise of your orthodontist and your discipline.

Invisible Braces

If the visibility of wires and brackets of traditional metallic braces de-motivating you to start teeth straightening treatment, then you can ask your orthodontist in NSW to suggest some invisible braces. Made of high-quality plastic and custom-designed to fit precisely, clear aligners offer you ease and comfort during the treatment. Technically, the principle of treatment—using biomechanics of dental system to move teeth in the desired direction— is the same, but in invisible braces, the force generated is relatively subtle, so there won’t be pain or discomfort. Though the invisibility aspect is marketed most, it is the ease of removing, flexibility, and shorter treatment duration that makes it highly popular among teens and adults.

How Invisible Braces Work?

The dental system works in symmetry, meaning one part affects the other part. Braces treatment uses this aspect to move teeth using wires and brackets. Traditional braces treatment is effective, but people are looking for something good looking without sacrificing the outcome. Thanks to advancements made in dental science, now you have the invisible alternative to move teeth effectively with maximum comfort. The procedure involves creating custom-made aligners, as per the treatment plan, which you have to wear in succession so that necessary pressure could be created to move teeth. Clear aligners give you the freedom to remove it for eating or oral cleaning, but for quality results, you have to wear it for 22+ hours daily. Not doing so, could extend the treatment duration and the cost. The procedure looks simple, but it is highly complex and needs accurate planning, which an orthodontist with an understanding of the dental system and mechanics of aligner could plan and execute. So, if you are looking for invisible braces treatment in NSW you should do your research before booking an appointment.

Bottom Line

Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are designed to help you get the best, but all depends on the suitability of the treatment. You should consult your dentist to know about the suitability, as a highly complex dental structure might need traditional braces or some additional preparation for invisible braces. Clear aligners are relatively expensive, but the benefits outweigh the additional cost.

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